Live-in Caregivers Class Permanent Residence

This Information is for live-in caregivers already working in Canada.

Live-in caregivers who have been working for 24 months full time as a live-in caregiver are eligible to apply for permanent residence and an open work permit that will allow them to keep working for the same employer or find employment somewhere else

If you have been in Canada for more than 20 months, then give us a call and we will work with you to obtain your permanent residence and open work permit hassle-free

Do not risk one of the most important applications you will file in your life having errors or mistakes. Sometimes a word or a number not written properly can complicate things and you may lose thousands of dollars in lost work opportunities that you could have taken up had you got your open work permit sooner

Your family members also form part of your application. Do not risk seeing them many months later than planned because you are called to an interview to clarify things that could have been made clear in the original application