CAIPS is short for "Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System". It is the computer system historically used by CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) to process visa applications, and holds all the information on the current status of every immigration application being processed by overseas offices (i.e. those outside of Canada) like PR visas, work permit, study permits and TRV.


FOSS is short for "Field Operations Support System". It is the computer system historically used by CIC offices in Canada to track all immigration-related information of "in-Canada" applicants - as well as continue to do so for all applicants post 'landing'.


GCMS is short for "Global Case Management System", and is the newer computer system that CIC is rolling out across their offices around the globe.

When will my CAIPS NOTES arrive?

It takes 4-6 weeks to receive CAIPS notes.

When should I obtain my CAIPS NOTES?

It's only required when there's much delay in case progress (like PR Visa – skilled worker, business/investor Visa, spouse or family visa, study, visitor) or when you have received an interview letter or refusal like for Study Visa or Visitor Visa. With the help of Caipsnotes you can find out what has happened to your application so far, and can get the hint what will happen next and when with your file. It also holds the reasons for delays or for reasons for the refusal(like study or visitor),so that next time you can overcome those refusal reasons. If interview is called then you may wish to get your caips notes to find out why the interview was requested, so that you can be well prepared for that.