PNPs → New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program welcomes applicants in two categories: skilled worker applicants and business applicants.

1) Skilled workers are considered under two streams:

  1.1) Employer stream: A guaranteed offer of permanent employment from a New Brunswick employer, or,

  1.2) Family stream: A family supporter who is a citizen or permanent resident of New Brunswick, who has been living and working in the province for a minimum of one year, and who has made a commitment to assist your settlement in New Brunswick.

2) Successful business applicants must:

- Meet eligibility criteria.

- Complete an exploratory visit to New Brunswick.

- Have an approved business plan or business proposal.

- Obtain a minimum score of 50 points.

- Make a CDN $75,000.00 conditionally refundable deposit.

All applicants must make a commitment to reside in New Brunswick, with their dependents and are required to sign a declaration confirming their intention to live and work in this Province.